Wednesday, 2 August 2006

miketoons b.1995

miketoons has been around on the web in one form or another since, hmmm, must be 1995. The word was coined at a moment's notice when I was asked by a guy at the ISP what I would like my website space to be called. In 1995 it was like that. All very personal.

I blurted out "miketoons". And so started my first website. followed in 1997. It's still operational, after a lapse of a couple of years, but I need to make it more personal with less commercial work on there. Maybe this blog space will help me through the process.

PS added 10 February 2008: see 1995 revisited


Elliotcartoons said...

Are you going to post some 'less commercial' stuff, Mike?

Ellis Nadler said...

I'm a convert to the blogosphere, and find the material is generally fresher than on web sites. I've linked to you from my blogue....

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