Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Messerschmitt car

Messerschmitt in the snow: Anfield 1960s
Rummaging Through Old Photos Department: I can't remember which year this photo was taken - it could be 1967 or 1968. It's while I was living in Anfield, anyway. And it's obviously winter. A fall of snow late at night tempted me out onto the streets with my camera and in St Domingo Grove I found this little gem. It's still a favourite image of mine.


Elliot said...

I was in Liverpool the other day (and in Anfield). I hoped to get some photos so you could compare them with the ones on your flickr page.

Oh well - maybe next time.

arthur.whitelam said...

hi Elliot
nice picture of st domingo grove i lived there as a child round about the same time that picture was taken oh memories :)
kind regards


arthur.whitelam said...

love this picture i lived in number 27 st domingo grove around same time of this photo was taken
thanks for posting it on this site

kind regards


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