Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Kopi Luwak

Things I didn't know before today: I received a newsletter from Algerian Coffee Stores this morning. One of the items was about Kopi Luwak coffee.

"Most of you must have heard of Kopi Luwak, Kopi being the Indonesian word for coffee and Luwak the indigenous animal who feasts on ripe coffee cherries.

These animals eat, digest and eventually excrete the cherries. Locals gather the beans, which come through the digestion process fairly intact still wrapped in layers of the coffee cherry mucilage.

Apparently the enzymes in the stomach of the animal add something unique to the coffee's flavour through fermentation. Some people even say it's an aphrodisiac and it is now the world's priciest speciality coffee! We will have some in by the end of May, packed in a 250g bag, multipurpose ground @ £15.99"

Can you imagine the 'foodies' dinner party where this coffee is served up?

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