Friday, 16 May 2008

A question of identity

Possibly Cynoglossum cheirifolium
Our recent visit to Andalucia in April introduced us to lots of plants and animals we had never seen before. Identifying them from the photos we took is proving hard work. I think I've tracked more one down this evening after extensive Google and Wikipedia searches - Cynoglossum cheirifolium [photo above] - but, not being a botanist, I still harbour doubts. Anyway, to this botanical beginner it's a very pretty plant* with furry silver leaves and beautiful deep red flowers.

And it's not just wildflowers... have you tried identifying moths? Very difficult. But I know a man who can.

* Note added on May 27th: 'a very pretty plant' is a gross understatement. What a wonderful and sexy combination of colour and texture! I love this plant and its photo is my aide memoire to a very special place.

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