Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Roundway Hill: late afternoon, December

We went to get our Christmas tree this afternoon from the farm we usually buy from at Seend village. Alas and alack. They were not selling trees. No explanation on the big hand-painted sign other than "No Trees".

So we tootled back into Devizes and stopped off at the garden centre near the Black Horse pub at the top of the flight of locks. Their tree prices were outrageous so we resisted but the view from their car park is one of the best around, looking towards Roundway Hill.

We eventually got a tree from a fallenoffthebackofalorry outfit selling trees in the car park of the Bell by the Green pub. M recognised the young guy selling - she had taught him at primary school. "Oh I remember him... he was a pain in the ****..."

The tree looks OK. Only cost £15. Hope the needles stay on until Christmas Day.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

More bread

More bread, originally uploaded by mike(toons).

I worked hard yesterday to get five loaves baked - a pain de campagne and four small Borodinsky sourdough rye. I'm still ridiculously proud of my newly-learned baking. It's great fun, very satisfying and I'm literally putting bread on the table.

The four Borodinskys were baked in my new four-in-a-line baking tins bought from Dinghams in Salisbury.

Winter skyline

Winter skyline, originally uploaded by mike(toons).

The light yesterday morning was very changeable. One moment bathed in pale golden winter sun, the next shrouded with mist. This is the view directly south from my house. Not 'straight out of the tin' but with some help applied in Adobe Lightroom and an intrusive electricity cable carefully removed in Photoshop. Honesty is my middle name.

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