Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Roe deer in the bluebells

Roe deer in the bluebells, originally uploaded by mike(toons).

Last weekend I went to a 'Nature Photography Beginners Day' given by Colin Varndell. One message he kept repeating was that the most wonderful light to shoot in is fog.

I looked out at 6.30 this morning - fog!

Having decided to go to Oakfrith Wood to shoot bluebells, at the last minute I packed my old Canon and telephoto lens. It's a crappy bog-standard 75-300mm lens but (sigh) all the glass I can afford at the moment.

After half an hour of wandering around the wood taking misty morning photos of bluebells I spotted a roe deer buck. It also spotted me but wasn't sure what I was. When it disappeared behind a tree trunk, I frantically swopped cameras and then (hand held) got some shots.

The deer did come closer and I took more shots but this is my favourite composition.

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Alan Rowe said...

He's thinking. "That's an old camera!"

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