Friday, 20 November 2009

Looking to Quakers Walk, towards Devizes

A view of the historic bridleway known as Quakers Walk in Devizes.
This view will be lost for ever when the green field the other side of the track is filled with housing. The roads are already being built. The sales offices for Wimpy and Persimmon Homes are in place, flags fluttering in the chill breeze. I spoke to a lady who was walking her dog and she told me that the walk will be closed for six months while it is dug up to allow for the laying of major new drains.

It's sad when owners* of agricultural land sell out to the developers. (*The Merchant Venturers, based in Bristol. Try Googling it.)

For me, it's even sadder that all the new homes will be cramped little boxes with pocket handkerchief gardens (if lucky) and all looking like pattern book variants of various Victorian village buildings. But with smaller windows. Mean and cheap.

Why can't these companies build 21st century homes that include the new technologies for renewable energy? Can't they build zero carbon housing? (c.f. BedZed) Where's Kevin McCloud when you need him?

Quakers Walk, Devizes
Quakers Walk, Devizes, originally uploaded by mike(toons).

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