Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Quick Brown Fox

Quick Brown Fox, originally uploaded by mike(toons).

...and Lazy Dog.

Scraperboard illustration in a woodcut style which was used as the logo for Quick Brown Fox (typesetters and pre-press company in Manchester, UK). It was based on a colour painting by another artist, whose name I don't know.

It was done in my first years working as a freelance illustrator. Back then, if anyone asked "Can you draw wildlife?" (or virtually anything under the sun), I'd answer "Sure!" and worry about how I was going to do it when I got back home with the brief and the purchase order.

Apologies for the intrusive copyright notice. I'd prefer a lighter touch but I'd like any rip-off merchants there might be out there to have to work for their ill-gained goodies.


Elliot said...

I remember this in your portfolio, when you came round to see Dad in Macclesfield, back in the late 80's/ early nineties.

I still think it's brilliant.

Ellis Nadler said...

Thomas bewick vibe

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